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Hello! Was away but am back and google's API seems to  have changed so no orders in the last couple of months have registered on the site or through my email. Please don't use the site contact function, please send direct emails to Transformer@DJTransformer.com or TransformerSupport@hotmail.com for help. Am working to get the issue solved. If you've ordered anything with options attributed to it, these don't show up in google checkout so you'll need to email me the specifics.


Hello kids! I haven't seen you in a while, my how you've grown! Check out my chiptune-hardware-and-various-other-shiny-things depot. I may or may not write something more meaningful or relevant at some point some time. Please do check out the News page for updates. Also bear in mind there's only one of me, I do work at all my orders all the time and, I can get many emails some days at 100+ so I will do my best to answer emails when possible. I'm only able to answer emails between 6 p.m -> 6 a.m.  so if you're sending an email during the day don't get upset if there's no reply immediately, I literally work through the night most nights. Another note, this page doesn't contain all the products I have for sale there are links on the left hand side to more products.



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