This could be long, but here's a short version.


Have lived in and around London my entire life with a couple of brief spells in India and the States.

Dual Nationality British American through a green card applicationa few years back.

Trained on Piano, Violin and Singing however since grade 8 I've not played or sang properly for the last 5 years or so.

Degree in Biochemistry from UCL and post grad in education to become a Chemistry Teacher for high school. During my degree started to make some stuff for gameboys as a hobby and people started to ask if I would make them some stuff and it chiptune and gameboy modding grew from there.

DJed occaisionally and played music I had composed for a brief spell too, however haven't been too active due to being busy with science and work. Been lazy to produce new tracks and use some old equipment, ever since having to sell my TR-909 I think I've been demotivated to make more music.


I sound incredibly lazy from that paragraph....


One day I'll update this.....


And to my pupils who read're weird!




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