LSDJ 32M Cartridge

LSDJ 32M Cartridge

Cartridge loaded with the latest release of LSDJ (depending on proof of licence). LSDJ is a fantastic little program written by Johan Kotlinski used by many chiptune artists!

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From Johan:

The basic idea is to transform a plain Game Boy/Game Boy Color into a full-fledged music workstation.


  • Sequencer

    The sequencer of Little Sound Dj has a very open structure. It was designed to leave all the musical possibilities of the Gameboy in the hands of the user. The system can be said to be both simple and complex; it has a slight learning curve, but when learned, it is possible to transcribe a complete Bach piece to it on less than one hour.


  • Sound

    The Gameboy sound chip offers four channels with 4-bit sound. Custom waveforms can be created by free-hand drawing, or by using a subtractive synthesizer with resonant filters. For extra versatility, Little Sound Dj also contains a quite powerful arpeggiator, which possibilities go far beyond the classic C64-style chords.


  • Samples

    Sample-wise, Little Sound Dj boasts a set of 59 phonems for programmable speech. Besides that, it also features drum kits sampled from machines TR-606, TR-707, TR-727, TR-808, TR-909, CR-78, CR-8000, KR-55, DR-55, DR-110, DMX, Drumulator, RhythmAce, TOM and LinnDrum.


  • Synchronization

    It is possible to use a link cable to sync two Game Boys; great for party fun or for added polyphony! If you want to, you can sync LSDJ with Nanoloop. MIDI sync is possible too.



    LSDj requires that you donate to Johan, for as little as $2 to obtain a licence, which gives you access to lsdj roms. Upon donating you will receive a confirmation mail with login/password to the LSDj ftp site.To donate click the link below:



    Johan Kotlinski, the copyright owner of LSDj, has agreed that I offer the service of flashing the ROM to a cartridge once proof of user licence is shown.

    Essentially once you've got your login details you may add them in the customization form below. I will check these credentials, and if they check out I will flash LSDj to the cart for you. If you leave the fields blank then you will receive a blank cartridge.

    If you need extra help please ask. Additionally, if you cannot use paypal to donate please contact Johan Kotlinski, at for alternative methods.

    Informations After saving your customization details, do not forget to add the product to your cart.

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