The LSDJ-Midi Converter (LSDJ-MC) is a Midi-Box add-on which makes your LittleSoundDJ MIDI-capable.

Comes in two Versions: Black and Grey, buttons come in Black and Blue. Default is Black buttons on Black unit and Blue buttons on Grey unit. Specify in text field if different.

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The LSDJ-Midi Converter (LSDJ-MC) is a Midi-Box add-on which makes your LittleSoundDJ MIDI-capable.
It can synchronize the LittleSoundDJ (LSDJ) and Nanoloop and Nanoloop2 with every Midi-Clock-Master-Device like a sequencer or a drum-computer. Together with the LSDJ-Cardridge, it gives you also Midi support which includes Note-commandos and Instrument/Channel change. These are also assigned to the Pitch-Bend / Modulation Wheel and standard controllers.

* Syncronize LSDJ and Nanoloop to Midi-Clock including start/stop and latency adjust
* Play Notes on the LSDJ through Midi with a Midi masterkeyboard or a sequencer
* Midi-Learn Mode to choose the Midi-Channel
* Some additional Midi commando's for the LSDJ like Instrument change, Pulse Channel 1/2 switch        
* Works with all Gameboy Color, Classic and Advance
* Polyphonic mode, play 2 notes at the same time. (Only GB-Color and LSDJ-Version higher v3.0.3)
* It is possible to syncronize also in a already running system with the plus/minus function.
* Optional syncronizing of 2 gameboys with one interface possible.
* Has 2 Midi THRU ports

All syncronize functions are possible with all LSDJ-Versions higher than V1.0.
Playing notes function is possible with LSDJ-Versions higher than v2.0.2
Advanced Midi-features are only possible with LSDJ-Versions higher than 3.0.3
Nanoloop Sync possible with all Nanoloop versions including Nanoloop2.

The unit can be powered by a 9V battery or from a wall, however I am not including a power supply or battery. The unit is unlabelled but the button and LED descriptions will be included with the item. There are 2 cables with both a connector for either an original DMG-01 gameboy or any one of a GBA, GBC or GBP. The gameboy in the picture is for a size compairison as the unit is quite compact.

This contains just the LSDJMC2, not lsdj carts, nanoloop carts or gameboys. For any more information just contact me. Here are two vids of a talented guy StressTN (be sure to check him out) using one of the LSDJMC2s with a Korg Kaoss Pad and he's been kind enough to add some pointers in the vid.

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