64M USB Cartridge loaded with Roms of your Choice e.g. Pushpin

64M USB Cartridge loaded with  Roms of your Choice e.g. Pushpin

Cartridge loaded with a ROM of your choice so long as it doesnt break any copyright.

Does not require a transferer 2, just needs a USB to mini USB connector to transfer data to and from your computer. If you would like LSDJ on your cartridge please fill in the customisation fields at the bottom with your username and password to the lsdj FTP site, as provided by Johan once you've donated.

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Please write the name of the ROM you would like in the form below E.g. Pushpin, sludgeon 2, LSDJ Subject to licence being paid etc etc



LSDj requires that you donate to Johan, for as little as $2 to obtain a licence, which gives you access to lsdj roms. Upon donating you will receive a confirmation mail with login/password to the LSDj ftp site.To donate click the link below:



Johan Kotlinski, the copyright owner of LSDj, has agreed that I offer the service of flashing the ROM to a cartridge once proof of user licence is shown.


Quick User Guide

Burning Roms or gave saves

1. Connect the  cart to PC USB port

2. Install the driver and reboot your pc

3. Run the exe

4. If the Cart has been recognised you'll see a usb logo in the top right of the prog

5. You can burn multiple ROMs and saves via the program


To play games

1. Connect the cart to a GB/GBC/GBA/GBA SP etc to play games

2. Game save is stored in SRAM Both pages use the same SRAM, so only one game save can be used at a time and if you change ROMs the latest game save will overwrite the old one.


Change pages

1. The card has 2 pages

2. When connected to a PC you can switch between pages on the program interface

3. When it is connected to your gameboy you can switch pages by turning the console off and on instantly.

4. The Green LED (on the top of the cart by the mini usb slot) indicated the page number, LED OFF = Page 1, LED ON = Page 2

Informations After saving your customization details, do not forget to add the product to your cart.

Optional Additions

  • Name of ROM
  • If ROM is LSDJ: Username
  • Password

* required fields



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